Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cutie pink girl in the backyard

This was back when it was actually cold here!

Three Christmases

Here is a ton of pictures from our three different Christmases. We had Christmas here at our house, then at the Ross' house on Christmas Eve, then we went to Visalia to have Christmas there! (all the pics are not in order)

Getting Cars 2 DVD

A Beyblade ripper he's always wanted.

Grandpa Ross Claus on Christmas Eve.

At a cool Children's museum in Visalia. Lots of things to discover.

An old fire engine.

The Knight family 2012 (yay, i don't look too horrible after driving for 3 hours). This was at our cousin Derek's baptism in Modesto. We stopped there on our way home from Visalia to attend.

The old fire engine and Grandpa Gene and boys.

Grandpa Gene and Grandma Bea's house.

Grandma Knight and Savannah on Christmas Eve.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looks like a black eye....

Carson looks like this cause:

a) Savannah wacked him with a spoon

b) Tucker punched him

c) he punched himself

d) somehow he hit his head/eye while at the park

Yes, of course, this is a mysterious injury from the park. I was there, but didn't see it happen. All we have is a vague description from Carson. It really looks so bad!