Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break trip to Edisto Beach and Charleston, SC

On our way to Edisto Beach, we stopped in Augusta, GA. James Brown grew up there, and this is his statue on Broad Street. Broad Street is the old downtown area of Augusta, and is now mostly vacant, except for a few shops and restaurants.

Savannah standing next to her name on the  ground right before we walk on the Savannah River promenade in Augusta.

We showed up right as the Masters Golf tournament was starting, so there were some Masters portraits set up in the lobby of our hotel.

Front entrance to the Masters Golf Course. There were lots of people and cars everywhere; lots of people trying to sell tickets.

We found this 'shell art' in the sand and it was so cute, we took some pictures.

Savannah, doing her tribal sand dance

The kids liked to bury themselves in the sand. It was cloudy for a little bit, but the sun came out the rest of our time at the beach.

Here we are in Charleston. We parked in a parking garage, and did our own walking tour, based on Andrea's suggested sites.

We came into this little park with monuments and statues, this one of George Washington

This monument looks like a mini Washington Monument, and it seems to mention lots of important battles on each step.

Marker for a Fort Sumter time capsule, to be opened in 2061.

Really cool steeple. Charleston has lots of history, everywhere you look, there is an old building. There were tour groups walking, tour groups in horse-drawn carriages, and plaques on many old homes and state buildings.

On to the Church of St. John the Baptist

it was hot day. we walked to the Battery park area

Yay! a fountain!

We stopped to get our hats wet, ahhh refreshment!

another cool fountain, I was watching enviously as the kids there were playing in the water

Fleet Landing restaurant

We later went to the Old City Market, which is this really long market that goes for 3 or 4 or more blocks. It's all inside, but feels like an outside marketplace cause all the windows are open. They sell food items, art, souvenirs, just about anything.

Pizza place in Edisto Beach, with a cool frog statue out front

Oyster shells everywhere!

Carson, spelling out his name with shells

Last day on the beach, really sunny