Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ruby Slippers

There was an auction on ebay for one of the pairs of the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz, so I bought them for Savannah! 
and they fit her perfectly!
 I guess Judy Garland had the feet of a 4 year old! 

Just kidding......
$3 at Walmart. But they really do look like the real thing.....

School year 2015-2016 begins

7am, off to the bus stop with their new backpacks

friends/neighbors at the bus stop. Carson has Mr. Morris, and Tucker has Mrs. Bain. The first day went very well and the boys really like school and their teachers.

Rubiks Cube Nationals, Hilton Head

Carson has been interested in Rubiks cubes for about a year now, and has been practicing and getting really good at solving them. Keith found that the Rubiks Cube National Convention happened to be held this year in Hilton Head, so they made plans this summer to go, last minute.

Nice beach walkway mat

The water was really warm

Kids in the hotel lobby with lots of cubes

Spider - can you spot it?

Marsh preserve observation area

because it was a last-minute trip, it was too late for Carson to have the option of competing

solving cubes with their feet!

Blindfolded solving

BUSY place

Backpack service project

Keith's company participated in a charity event that gave filled backpacks to needy schools in the Sandy Springs area. 

Keith went and bought all the billions of supplies and then we all laid them out in the living room and systematically put them in these backpacks. Certain things had to go into certain backpacks for Elementary, Middle and Highschools. The kids were excited to be put to this task and enjoyed stuffing the bags. 


Savannah took a gymnastics class this summer and found her inner strength

Even in the heat of summer, she'll go and put on a sweater and button it all the way up