Sunday, December 11, 2022

Tucker found a weather balloon


Tucker frequently goes on hikes in the hills behind our house and he 
found a weather balloon a few weeks ago

If it is in really good condition, 'they' want it sent back, and it comes with 
a self-addressed mailer

The Silver Circuits

 Carson is part of the Silver Circuits robotics team. They applied for and won a scholarship from the Dolan Auto Group. 

The Silver Circuits had a competition a few days ago in Sparks

They won! Their robot has two arms and it stacked the most cups on the rod. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Yellowstone National Park

The road to the Old Faithful geyser was closed because of the snow, so we went the other way and found some mud pots and steam vents. 

It smelled very sulfury

This was the most violent one - there was a deep rumbling coming from it and it poured 
steam constantly

some were watery, some were muddy, all with bubbles bubbling up

This was near the West Thumb area, called the Abyss pool - it is a beautiful blue and filled 
with very clear water. 

Then we found that the road opened up, so we drove over to the Old Faithful geyser to catch the scheduled eruption at 5:45pm

It was lightly snowing and very cold. There were a few teasing eruptions before 
the final one happened about 5:50pm

the drive out of the park, very cold, snowy roads

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Grand Teton National Park


Because it snowed the night before, and was still snowing, there were clouds obscuring the view of the Tetons. These pictures are out of order, so notice as you scroll down, the clouds get lower and lower. 

We were able to see a lot by later afternoon.

you can see some of the peaks here

this was how it was earlier in the day, clouds all over the peaks

the visitor's center - a school group was having a field trip

a moose statue by the visitor's center

this is how it was when we first entered the park

Jackson, Wyoming


After leaving Salt Lake, we drove over to Evanston, Wyoming and had lunch at a local diner. Then we drove up through Star Valley and on into Jackson, Wyoming. 

It snowed that first night we were there. 

We had dinner at the Gunbarrel Steakhouse

This was a cool river rafting place we saw there

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Walking around the BYU Provo campus

The wedding was in the evening, so we spent the day in Provo with Nan and Melvin, checking out BYU. This is the mascot, Cosmo, right outside the BYU bookstore.

Cool swively chairs in the Computer Science building

a lot of the buildings have cool hands on things to do or look at - this was a digital display on the floor

another large screen that was showing a drone tour of the campus

this is the Eyring Science Center and we're looking at a pendulum that swings to show the movement of the earth

rocks and minerals

they had a bunch of hands on science displays like this one, where you could somehow blow a puff of air across the room

a different science building

funny fake Tesla car