Friday, April 29, 2022

Wizard Hat Beach House near Bandon, Oregon, part 1

    When you pull up to the house, there is a little parking lot with a few spaces and it overlooks the beach. 

Views from the top of the house and parking lot. 

you can see Wizard Hat and Face Rock

The drive was about 8 hours from Reno, but we split it up into 4 hour drives. 

There were two large balconies that looked right out onto the beach. 

It's easy to see why they call it Face Rock 

Wizard Hat Rock

We bought some Galena at the rock and mineral shop in Mt. Shasta. It's very fragile and comes off on your hands as you hold it. 

There were about 5 bedrooms in the house, with a game room and multiple bathrooms. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Wizard Hat Beach House, part 2


The lower level had another kitchen and bedroom, sitting room and bathroom. That rock in the water is called Face Rock. 

Tucker's room with a cool loft.

The game room.

Goose family

The kids and Keith went out walking north of our house and found lots of tide pools with starfish and sea anemones.

We had lunch at the Face Rock Creamery, where they make their own cheese. 

I had some really good chicken curry soup, and their mac and cheese was really good. 

All the different rock formations on the beach near our house. 

Different local woods

at the pier in Bandon

a cool Nevada-shaped storage closet