Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Nevada City - Two Room Inn

We've been looking for an old house to stay in for a vacation rental, something built in the 1800s or early 1900s, and we found the Two Room Inn in Nevada City. It was built in 1880, and it is right on Broad Street, which was the main street of Nevada City back in the day. It is also right near the filming locations of a Hallmark movie called 'The Christmas Card', so we wanted to find all those places. 

There were lots of vintage lamps all through the house. 

The very narrow stairway with stained glass windows. 

The one room upstairs, with a window/door to a small balcony that looks over Broad Street. 

Who are these people? We don't know and wish there would have been some information 
about the house and its history, original and previous owners, etc. 

All the fixtures and furniture were chosen to look old fashioned.

The front porch overlooking Broad Street.

There wasn't any info about this particular house, but there was a cool book full
of old pictures of the Grass Valley, Nevada City and Downieville areas. 

How the house looked at night.

We walked around on Broad Street and side streets - it was definitely the quintessential
small town America with lots of old storefronts and well-preserved old homes. 
This intersection is actually a filming location
 for The Christmas Card movie - it's where they had a small tree lot. 
It would have been behind the grey vehicle on the left, in front of the brick building. 

Walking around Broad Street, Nevada City


This was in an ice cream shop called Treats. I was looking at the old ceiling tiles and 
loving the old store front. 

Savannah tried escargot for the first time at Friar Tuck's restaurant - she really liked it. 
The restaurant is known for its fondue, and the escargot was in a cheese sauce. 

There was old mining equipment in random spots all over town. 

An old fire engine. There were two old fire houses in town. 

Enjoying the nice weather on the front porch after finally getting into the house. 

This library was probably built in the late 1800s. 

This courthouse was built in the the 1930s, after a fire burned the previous one. 

The Nevada City Cafe. 

Nevada City - finding filming locations

These are the filming locations from 'The Christmas Card' that we found 
while we were there. I'll start with how it looked in the movie - 
a 'movie shot' - followed by a present-day picture. 

Movie shot: Nevada City Cafe,
You can also see the church at the end of the street.

Present day -  same as it looked in the movie. 

Movie shot: Cody's friends house 

Present day - only difference is the details on the balcony and front porch.

Movie Shot: National Exchange Hotel
he walks up the stairs to check in

present day - they thoroughly renovated this hotel since filming

Movie Shot: view of the banister and lobby

present day - now the lobby is a lounge, you can see that the banister is the same

- neat old light switches -

Movie shot: another view of the lobby 

present day - definitely a different look

Movie Shot: Front desk

present day - not the front desk anymore

Movie Shot: Blue and white building

present day - historically, it was the old New York Hotel,
 it is now a bunch of small shops. 

Movie Shot: United Methodist Church  - he first attends church.

present day - (The Two Room Inn is right next door on the left.)

This church was probably built in the late 1800s.

Movie shot of when he parks across the street from the church

Present day - same building with the green shutters. 
It's always fun to find actual filming spots from movies.