Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow/Ice Storm

*Labels for pictures are on top this time*

This one I took right as it started collecting, around 11am. I was thinking, 'whoa, this is a lot for Georgia!' yeah, right. 

This is around 1:30pm, and I still was thinking, 'whoa, it's actually collecting!'
Snow is actually falling in these pictures, but it was a really light snow all afternoon. Very small flakes.

You can see the spot where she tried to make a snow angel.

This is yesterday, Wednesday, the day after the storm, below.

You can see we got around 2 inches here, but it looked to be about 3 or 4 inches in some areas. Below, Savannah eating her snow.

Keith's drive home.

The boys, 'sledding'.

There is a lot of open space here, so there's more opportunity to really play in the snow!

It has been freezing here in the last month, so it gives us a chance to really use all our winter gear we never thought we'd use down here. 

Don't know why this picture is blue, but it looks very snowy that way. It's the view from our front door.

Some neighbor friends on the trampoline.

View (below) from the top of the driveway. 

should I put labels on top or below the pictures? 

Complete Collection

There! I have finally posted something so that 'strange shrooms' post doesn't keep showing at the top anymore. Carson finally finished his coin collection, with help from Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Knight.