Saturday, May 29, 2021

National Automobile Museum


Reno has a great automobile museum, and the last time we went to the National Automobile Museum was probably 10 or more years ago, so we decided to go today. It was great 10 years ago, and it's still the same today. The museum layout and Main street design, along with old clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry from the early 1900s really helps you imagine what the time periods were like. They even had early 1900s piano music playing as we looked at the early 1900s cars, and 1950s music playing in the 1950s display room. 

This car was used in the movie Titanic.

This little room had blacksmith-type sounds playing; that vehicle Savannah is standing next to was actually an automobile, even thought it looks like a horse carriage. 

I'm trying to figure out what the name of the song playing is, while enjoying the music. (It was "My Blue Heaven")

They don't want you to touch any of the cars throughout the museum, but here is one car they allow you to sit in, which was cool for photo ops. 

This was a Rolls Royce.

engine displays that showed how engines operated; push the button and watch the moving parts.

This was a mock-mechanic's shop, with sounds of tools and machines playing. (That's a Buick Skylark)

They had a space section, all about space travel. 


24k plated Delorean

Tucker in front of the Tucker car.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The new slime shop! SavvySlimeAndEssenti

                 Hey it's me again! Guess what? I just opened an Etsy slime shop called SavvySlimeAnd Essentials! (no space) I try to make all my slimes at a good price, but cheap enough to get business. Right now I am also trying to get someone to support my business, or just a job for me to make money. All my packages come with sturdy containers, padding, candy, and slime activator for if it's too sticky. Right now I actually have 18 views and 8 visits! And I just started it on Sunday! I am so exited! I hope I get a sale soon!  

        The reason I opened this Etsy shop was partly because I wanted to raise enough money to support other small Etsy businesses (slime) and if I  have spare money, it goes towards collage funds. If you want to check out my Etsy shop then here is the link!  (just copy and past) Thank you!  

POLL: which name should i choose? 

The new interest in slime...

         Hi, its me, Savannah! I just wanted to make a blog post of what has been going on in my life, and I have actually found a new interest in... SLIME!! I like slime because it helps me keep focused and also lets me have something to have in my hands during church, at home, friends houses, away from home, etc. 

       One of my favorite slime types is butter slime. the consistency is like a dough but does not stick to your hands and is VERY thick. How I like to make it is make my glossy slime (recipe below) and add cornstarch to it until if forms the slime. But I don't make it that often because I am not allowed to use my Mom's cornstarch. (haha) But the main slime I GET to make is the glossy slime. All it takes is, Tide liquid detergent, and Elmers white glue! It's that simple! 

        I try to find the easiest, funnest ways to make slime, that are just as good! Scanning through all my slime recipes I realized that I don't have a recipe for clear slime!! I have tried over, and over again and all my attempted clear slime recipes turned out sticky or hard. :(   So I am still researching to find a good clear slime recipe... But so far I know, butter slime, glossy slime, thick'n glossy slime, fluffy slime, crunchy slime, buttercream slime, glitter slime, and I have almost gotten color changing slime the easy way!            

For example, this is a buttercream slime. The reason it's a buttercream slime is because it's not quite butter slime but it very thick but shiny and stretchable. It is made with thick and glossy slime and hard butter slime.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Carson's robotics club


Carson was invited to be a coach to a robotics club for 9-11 year olds. He has been attending their meetings twice a week now for about 4 months. 

We made a robot to complete some missions around a map with the missions spread around it. Each mission is worth from 5 to 30 points. We have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete as many missions as we can. We ended up in 5th place for all of Nevada with 250 points, and the highest score in the competition was 330.
Our team got champion for northern Nevada, which means that we had a good project, as well as having good teamwork and a good robot. For state, we got the 'breakthrough award' which means that everyone on our team learned about everything we were doing. We did that by making sure people switched off between our project and our robot so that our members would learn how to program the robot, as well as learning how to work with Squarespace. For the project, they told everyone to create a project to help people to get active in your area. Our team's project is at if you would like to visit it.

This was during the awards ceremony, you can see on the screen the name of their team, "Mindstorm Masters". 

Galena Creek Trail


We drove up the Mt. Rose Highway for about 7 minutes and went to the Galena Creek Trail. 

The air smelled so fresh, and there were multiple trails to choose from. 

Lots of beautiful trees and lots of big rocks to climb on.