Tuesday, March 7, 2023

State Robotics Competition in Las Vegas - Winning!

We went to Foothill Highschool in Henderson, NV for the state competition, all day on Saturday. 

Melvin and Nan and Carson

Teresa and Rogan


preparing for matches

They won!  - after the final match with the Perpetual Motion team

walking down the line to accept an award, The Silver Circuits won the final alliance and 
also won the 'Inspire' award. 

posing with their final winning alliance: the Silver Circuits with Master Craftsman and Gigabyte

celebration dinner at Claim Jumper


State Robotics Competition in Las Vegas: Walking around down on the strip


We had some free time on the Friday before the competition day, so we went and 
walked around the Paris hotel on the strip. 

We met up with Cara, Gary and Atlas - it was super good to see them. 

We heard good things about this cake - even though it was from a vending machine, 
it was SUPER tasty, moist, yummy cake!

The Silver Circuits - State Robotics Competition in Las Vegas: Battle Bots and Hoover Dam


Carson's team went to a Battle Bots show the first night we were in Vegas, so we joined in and checked it out. It was pretty fun, it wasn't an actual competition, it was just for fun. 

The next morning, we drove over the Hoover Dam; it was only about a 30 minute drive. 

We went on a tour that took us below ground and we got to see some of the tubing and machinery inside the dam.