Sunday, August 5, 2018

Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game

The kids each earned two tickets to a Nationals baseball game, courtesy of the DC Library system Summer Reading Program.  Fortunately, the we chose one of the few nights that wasn't pouring rain.  Unfortunately, it was really hot and humid.  But we had a good time at the game.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Friends in the Chevy Chase area recommended that we visit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.  Despite it being one of the tallest buildings in the Virginia skyline, we hadn't heard of it and didn't even know it existed.

Architecturally, each detail had been perfected.  Even the elevators were specifically designed to move along all three axes (they most closer together as the elevator moves up, moving closer to the center, and moving up).  They move at a 7.5 degree angle.  Maybe these are intended to create the shape of the compass?  

The building had lots of artwork and historical artifacts about George Washington and the various branches of Masonry.  The kids were especially impressed with the suits of armor of the Knights Templar.

The Awakening at National Harbor, MD

For a long time, I have wanted to see The Awakening sculpture, which is now at National Harbor, MD.  So we finally decided to go; unfortunately, on a hot and humid day. 

It was an interesting sculpture, but it gets really hot, so the kids didn't really want to climb on it.  The restaurants smelled amazing and there was a Peeps candy shop --  we didn't even know that type of shop existed. 

Savannah's favorite was the: 'Savannah's Candy Kitchen'.  The free samples were delicious.

Rosie the Riveter statue:

The boys with Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).

Carson's Boy Scout Court of Honor

Carson has been working diligently in Scouts.  At the Court of Honor, he earned:
- Second Class Rank
- Fishing Merit Badge (he had to catch, gut, cook, and eat his own fish)
- First Aid Merit Badge
- Swimming Merit Badge
- American Cultures Merit Badge


We have talked about it for quite a while, but never made it to the Newseum.  So Scott and Lori's visit gave us the excuse to finally go.  The kids were able to be news anchors, weatherman, and to see key moments in modern history as portrayed through the news.


These are actual sections of the Berlin Wall and checkpoint Charlie:

Fairfax Revolutionary War Re-enactment

While Scott and Lori and their children were here, we decided to visit the Fairfax Courthouse and were surprised to find that is was open.  The Sons of the American Revolution were re-enacting the signing of some documents; unfortunately, we missed the actual presentation.  But it was really neat to see their costumes and talk with them.  They are so passionate about history!

These are the official weights and measures for Fairfax County from the 1800's:

Afterwards, we went to lunch at Potbelly and enjoyed the live music while Brianna braided Savannah's hair.

Private Tour of the US National Capitol

Scott arranged a private tour of the Capitol for our families with his House of Representatives congressman.  We ate lunch in one of the congressional office buildings, then met in at the Congressman's office, where one of the interns started our tour.

Unfortunately, we still had to wait for over an hour just to get through security.  But the tour was more thorough and interesting and the public tour we had taken a couple of years ago.  Of course, it had a California focus, emphasizing the statues provided by CA.  One that was especially interesting, the Ronald Regan statue includes a layer of made from pieces of the Berlin Wall.

As the tour ended, we were presented with passes to the House of Representatives Gallery.  They were voting on a measure to repeal the medical devices tax imposed as part of the Affordable Care Act.  So we waited in line for about 45 minutes before giving up.  It didn't appear to actually move -- other than from people giving up and leaving.  Apparently, they only allow a specific number of people in the Gallery at any given moment and each person is allowed to stay as long as they would like.  So you could literally wait all day and not get anywhere.   They really need an 'express' lane for people who don't plan on lingering for ever...

All Dressed Up

Savannah trying out a new dress:

Tucker's Bird Feeder

Tucker designed and built this bird feeder.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Clay Sculpture by Tucker

Tucker made this caterpillar with some clay, and baked it in the oven so it would harden.