Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sand Springs Pony Express Station

When the kids and I went to Sand Mountain a few months ago, we stopped at the Sand Springs Pony Express Station.  It was a lot of fun.  When we left, I asked the kids what they enjoyed the most about the day.  I expected them all to say riding the Polaris around Sand Mountain.  Instead, Tucker said the Pony Express station.

Tucker thought that making Sand Angels would be fun.  Of course, the other kids followed suit.

Sand Mountain, NV

A few months ago, the kids and I went exploring Sand Mountain with Grandpa Knight's Polaris.  Climbing in the sand was so much fun -- a new experience for the kids.  Carson just kept climbing and climbing until we couldn't see him any more.  That's why I started to get concerned and couldn't easily get to him (since it's just as tough for me to climb a steep stand mountain).

Monster Truck Kids

Before leaving Nevada, we made one last trip to Scheels Sporting goods.  They had a new Jeep / Monster Truck display the kids could play on.

Carson's City

Since each of kids has a city named after them, we figured we should visit each of them.  So before leaving Sparks, we wanted to get some pictures with Carson and his city.  We had a great time on our little trip.

We started it out by hitting Doughboy Doughnuts -- best donuts in Reno.  Then drove around looking for anything with Carson's name on it.

Savannah Ready For Church

This is a little late, but a picture of Savannah about a month ago as we were just about to head to church.  So cute!

More Fourth of July

Fourth of July was rained out, so instead it never seemed to end.  We did our own fireworks on the 4th and so did some of the neighbors.  Then there were more fireworks the next day.  And the next.  And the next weekend.  The excuse: 'it was raining' seems like it works pretty well.  Lots of fireworks.

   (No, the lines aren't sparking, this is actually fireworks behind the lines)

Georgia Wildlife

We've loved all of the wildlife around our new home.  It seems like you always see some type of animal running around.  We have lots of squirrels, chipmunks, hawks, cardinals, other unidentified birds, rabbits, turtles, salamanders, and even a fox.

Supposed you will see deer and coyotes wandering the area as well.  We've yet to see them.

New Restaurants

We've been exploring our new restaurant choices.  One was a Mexican food near our new home.  The have live music, which sounded good (to most of us).

Tornado Warnings!?!

Within days of arriving in Marietta, we had a tornado warning. Who knew that my phone could receive Tornado warnings?  My phone had a pretty annoying alarm with a tornado warning message, then several minutes later, the city sirens began to wail.  The sky actually was pretty calm.

Quickly, it went from fairly calm to powerful winds and rain.  The rain was so thick that you could only see about 10 feet ahead of you.  Branches were flying through the air and lots of trees and power lines fell on houses and the roads.  One of the main access roads to our house was blocked off by a tree and two neighbors had trees land on their houses.

The power was knocked out quickly, so I got out our 72 hour kits with great flashlights, radios, etc...  Nice to have.  One of the radios didn't have good batteries in it, but had a crank that gave it power to hear what was going on.

Overall, we survived and quickly realized we're no longer in Nevada.  We were still staying in our hotel that night; it was really strange to stay in a large hotel with no power (and no AC).

Immediately after the storm, the weather was beautiful.  Calm, cool, with a gorgeous sunset.

The view from our house window during the storm:


Playing a the mall

We explored one of the area malls and found a fun little play area.

Savannah Having Fun

Savannah can make just about anything into fun.  Here she found a box in the garage, a bug net at the store, and of course, a Halloween wig...

Going for a walk

We took a short walk down our street.  It's so beautiful and peaceful.  We found a pretty amazing bee on the way, we think it is a carpenter bee.  Fortunately, it wasn't still alive to scare us.

New Shopping Opportunities

Carson and Dad have been enjoying some of the stores in the our new town.  Northern Tool had all kinds of great stuff.