Sunday, April 28, 2019

Legos With Grandpa

Grandpa Knight got a 1967 Mustang Lego set for his birthday -- so the kids were excited to help build it.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Baby Goats with Phil and Nicole

We made a quick weekend trip into Utah, primarily to look at a house.  Despite the house not working out, our time with Phil and Nicole and their family and their baby goats more than made up for it.

Feeding the animals:

Nicole also braided the girls' hair:

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Girls' Pinewood Derby

We were told that there was going to be a girls' pinewood derby race here, so since Tucker wasn't here to participate in a cub scout race, he made a car with Savannah. Here, he is boring holes in his wood block to make it look like cheese.

Savannah wanted to make hers into a cat, so we bought some fake fur and felt and googly eyes.

The racer's lineup.

The race was held in the basement of the Ross house, and there was a good turnout.

We saw some cousins, this is Ayla. It was a coincidence that they both had the same idea for their cars. Tucker was able to race his car against Savannah and Ayla after the official race was over. 

Cousins: Tucker, Ayla, Savannah and Eva. 

Even with all that fur, Savannah's car placed 2nd!

All the racers together. 

Visiting with Aunt Diane in Turlock, CA

On our way back to Sparks, NV, we stopped in Turlock to see my Aunt Diane and my cousins Jason and Beverly. They were all home, so we got to say hi and talk for a little bit, which was nice, since it has been years since we saw them. 

Working with Grandpa Gene

The kids and Keith went with Grandpa Gene to the fields to help him with the sugar beets.

Measuring two different trials of sugar beets.

Savannah recorded the weights of the beets.

Hammering in a measuring stick to view heights of plants.

Cutting tops off to prepare for weighing.

Taking pictures to record results. 

Weighing the tops and the beets separately. Grandpa Gene was thoughtful enough to share the process of sugar beet trails with us, and we got to see firsthand a little bit of what he does for his job. 

Historical Zalud Family Home in Porterville, CA

My Dad took us to walk through an old home in Porterville, CA that was owned by one of the first wealthy families in the area. All the items in the home are original to the home. 

It was pretty cool to be in the presence of so much original old items that were actually owned by the family themselves. I imagine it would be like that if you actually traveled back in time. 

Traver, CA and Wild Jack's Cafe

I guess Tucker was pretty happy about being wanted....

We went to lunch at Wild Jack's Cafe in Traver, CA. Very good food and some fun stuff outside.