Monday, February 8, 2021

Griffith Canyon Petroglyphs

After extensive quarantine and isolation while some members of our family were sick, we needed to get out.  Our searching for places that weren't too far away lead us to Griffith Canyon Petroglyphs in Spanish Springs / Sparks area.

It is an unmarked trail off of a dirt road that generally would be accessible with a 2wd sedan, but with all of the snow melting, the road was muddy in a couple of sections.  Fortunately, we have 4 wheel drive and it wasn't an issue, other than getting our car a little muddy.

We were surprised to find several other cars parked at the trail head, which is really just a bend in the dirt road.  We started on the hike to find the trail covered with 6" - 2' of snow, but generally manageable.  It leads down to a beautiful narrow canyon with a small creek and frozen puddles of water.  As you follow the canyon, there are rock walls on the sides with occasional petroglyphs.

Not all of the petroglyphs are original, but there were quite a few that appear to be very old.

The trail was about 2 miles round trip, but felt longer as we were hiking through snow, ice, and a lots and lots of rocks.  It was SO nice to get out, get some exercise, and to explore a beautiful area that is new to us.

The boys couldn't help but climb some of the incredible rock ledges.

Savannah loved tromping through the water with her waterproof boots.

New Pets: Cherry Shrimp

 Our ghost shrimp have all passed away, so we replaced them with two cherry shrimp.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Playing in the snow


Last week, we had a couple of huge snowstorms. Tucker and Savannah built forts all over the neighborhood. 

This is a fort Savannah built with some neighbor friends in front of their house.

This one is in front of another neighbor's house....

This one is in front of our house, Carson had a hand in building this one in those first couple of days when it was snowing all the time. 

There were hopes to build up an igloo

On the first days of the storm

We had wind all night long, so the snow stuck to everything.