Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fall Fest in the Park, Parowan, UT 2019

Fall Fest in the Park gave us a nice excuse to visit Parowan, UT.  It is a small festival / car show with some pretty neat cars, some crafts and other vendors, and of course, the 'Best in the West' cinnamon rolls from the Parowan Cafe.  Angela's homemade cinnamon rolls are better.

No festival is complete without Savannah wanting to pet any dogs in attendance.

This was in interesting wooden car -- very unique.

Family History in Parowan, UT

We used the Fall Fest in the Park at Parowan UT as an excuse to drive the 15 minutes to Parowan, UT and learn more family history.

My 3rd Great Grandfather, Silas Sanford Smith, and his brother, Jesse and mother, Mary Aiken Smith, settled the town in 1851.  His brother became the first mayor.  So we were able to see his brother's home which is still standing and available for tours.  There is a large historic church across the street from their house that is now a town museum.  We were hoping that the museum would be open for the town festival; disappointed, we just ended up walking around the outside of it.

We also have learned that Silas helped build the first log building in Cedar City...  So we have some pretty deep roots in Southern Utah.

The Jesse N. Smith home.  Built in 1856.

The Old Rock Church in Parowan, built in 1867.

The tombstone of Mary Aikens Smith, my 4th Great Grandmother (above).

The tombstone of Clarinda Ricks Smith (and her sister).  She was my 3rd Great Grandmother.

These tombstones (from left to right) are Ann Aldred, John Williamson, her father-in-law, and James Williamson, her husband.  Ann and James are my 3rd Great Grandparents.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Commonwealth Hebrew class

A friend told me about a homeschool class offered every Monday afternoon, so we went to check it out and the kids loved it. We now go every week, and I teach one of the classes once a month. Every Monday, the kids are together (ages 8-12) in one room and there is a discussion on a Hebrew symbol (different every month). The meaning of the symbol is tied to stories and historical figures. The second hour is a different topic each Monday of the month, and I teach only on the 2nd Mondays, always about an eminent historical figure. I already did one lesson on Napoleon Bonaparte; next week I will talk about Abigail Adams. Here's a chart showing the symbols: 

Some pictures from Tucker's class. 

They usually go outside for a portion of their classtime.  Here, you can see they're holding soapbars; they starting carving them that day. 

Here, the boys were learning about how oxen pull carts (cause of the first symbol being the ox head)

Last Monday, a woman came to demonstrate how to dye cloth with plants.

It's a good way for the kids to get out and meet some other kids, while learning something new.