Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Painting Steamboats

 I have always been into art, and during Covid I have had lots of time on my hands. This steamboat is what I decided to make. I used our 3-D printer to create the blank, and used paintbrushes and palettes from my Aunt Andrea for Christmas. When I made it I had a search-and-rescue boat in mind. - Tucker

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cleaning the Escalade


Keith and the kids finally decided to take on the task of giving the Escalade a deep clean. You can see Tucker is using a special brush attached to a drill, and he's using that to work the special soap into the carpet. It took many hours and many applications of soap and water to get most of the dirt out. 

Carson is using a horsehair brush to gently brush away a lot of the grime on the chairs. 

I guess we should take some 'after' pictures, but now, the Escalade looks bright and clean. 

Ice Skating with cousins at the Grand Sierra Resort


Brianna, Jess and Carson

Savannah and Jess

Savannah, Jess and Bethany

Tucker, watching the zamboni clear the ice

standing outside the skating rink (had to wear our masks)

this is inside the GSR, Carson found a ballroom named after him

Jess was so nice to help Savannah

all the kids had a great time skating together

Tucker, showing off his backwards-skating skills before we left

Christmas Eve


(For some reason, the pictures loaded in reverse order) Melvin, using his new branding iron 

Lori, Scott, Jesselyn, Bethany, Carson, Brianna, Savannah and Tucker

The kids, picking up their candy from the busted pinata in the following pictures

The talent show, with lots of performances of Christmas songs

Savannah played Silent Night

Tucker and Angela sang Silent Night

The kids all held up different pictures of Christ as part of a Christ-centered presentation after the puppet-nativity. 

The kids put on a puppet nativity while Scott narrated, reading the Christmas story in Luke. 

We had a nice Christmas Eve. 

Bikeride with Grandpa Knight