Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Galena Ward Ice Skating Night


Savannah and Haylee

Tucker and James

I used one of those blue things in the background, but then I didn't need it anymore
and I unexpectedly loved ice skating!

Saturday, March 2, 2024

State Robotics Competition

We've had a crazy blizzard blowing through Reno that started on Thursday night, so by Friday night it was snowing. The State robotics competition was supposed to be at McQueen High School, but because of snow days, a new venue had to be found. Someone in the organization was able to get a ballroom at the Circus Circus Casino in Reno. It was great to have the competition there - there was a lot of room for the fields and the pits and a food court upstairs. 

Carson volunteered as a referee

Tucker volunteered today - he and William reset the fields after matches

Savannah was at the team station in the pits

the robot

(team with the blue hoodies is Perpetual Motion, they're from Soda Springs, CA and also very good friends with the Silver Circuits)

The robot had some trouble in the fields because of some outlets underneath the mats, but they solved that problem by shaving down part of the underside of the robot and applying some wax (from someone's braces!) to help the robot get over those bumps. They improved with each match until they made it to the finals and after 2 alliance team captains were chosen as alliances for other teams, unexpectedly became an alliance team captain! They chose the Gigabytes to be part of their alliance. 

the team with the blue shirts is Gigabytes (from South Lake 
Tahoe and good friends to the Silver Circuits) 
The guy with the plaid pants kneeling is from Master Craftsman.

In one match with Master Craftsman (team from Mammoth, CA and also 
very good friends with the Silver Circuits), their score was close - 
150 to 155 with the Silver Circuits having 155. 
Master Craftsman went on to be the winning alliance captain, so they will go to worlds. 

some dancing while waiting for the awards to start

dancing to 'YMCA'

little dance party at the front of the audience

everyone doing the 'cupid shuffle'

more dancing! They were dancing to 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

Carson with some of the Perpetual Motion team

 score from one of the last finals matches

the computer head mascot was there again this year. 

Two teams from each state get to go to the world championship in Houston: one spot going to the winning alliance captain and the other going to the winner of the Inspire Award. The awards were announced and as it got closer to the end, the Silver Circuits did not receive any and the anticipation was growing - everyone was wondering 'are they gonna get it?' Then the finalist for the Inspire award was announced and it wasn't the Silver Circuits and it felt even more anticipatory.......and then they were announced the winners of the Inspire award! After all their hard work and outreach, they are going to Worlds!

Crazy Blizzard