Sunday, May 2, 2021

Carson's robotics club


Carson was invited to be a coach to a robotics club for 9-11 year olds. He has been attending their meetings twice a week now for about 4 months. 

We made a robot to complete some missions around a map with the missions spread around it. Each mission is worth from 5 to 30 points. We have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete as many missions as we can. We ended up in 5th place for all of Nevada with 250 points, and the highest score in the competition was 330.
Our team got champion for northern Nevada, which means that we had a good project, as well as having good teamwork and a good robot. For state, we got the 'breakthrough award' which means that everyone on our team learned about everything we were doing. We did that by making sure people switched off between our project and our robot so that our members would learn how to program the robot, as well as learning how to work with Squarespace. For the project, they told everyone to create a project to help people to get active in your area. Our team's project is at if you would like to visit it.

This was during the awards ceremony, you can see on the screen the name of their team, "Mindstorm Masters". 

Galena Creek Trail


We drove up the Mt. Rose Highway for about 7 minutes and went to the Galena Creek Trail. 

The air smelled so fresh, and there were multiple trails to choose from. 

Lots of beautiful trees and lots of big rocks to climb on.

Tucker gets a flytrap


Tucker has been wanting to get his own flytrap plant for a couple of months now, and we did see them at Walmart at one time, but not anymore. We just happened to go to Winco for some groceries and there they were, right next to the produce section; and for only $5. He has researched how to take care of them and is enjoying finally having one. 

Building a hamster maze


Tucker got some cardboard together and started putting together a hamster maze. 

So Savannah got her own materials and made one of her own. 

Now, whenever Snowball comes out to play, we have a nice box with obstacles for him to walk around in. 

Tucker says, "We call this 'escape-artist training'".

He's always trying to climb up the walls though. 

Carson loses a ski


Once the chair lift started moving, one of Carson's skis got caught on the ground and came off, but the chair lift kept moving forward. So when he got off the chair lift, he had to ski with one ski. Luckily, the staff gave it to the next skier to bring up the hill and they gave it back to him. 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Lakeport, CA - visiting with cousins


We went to Lakeport, CA to stay with Scott and Lori and their kids Brianna and Bethany. We did a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. (We put glowsticks inside the plastic eggs)

We went on a nature walk through the Anderson Marsh Historical Park. 

Doesn't look much like wetlands, does it?

John Grigsby homesteaded in 1854 with his family, and built a small house. Scotsman John Still Anderson, with his wife and six children, bought the property from Grigsby in 1884, built what is now known as the Ranch House, and ran a dairy and raised beef cattle. Their descendants lived in the Ranch House until the 1960s.

The State Historic Park was named after John Still Anderson in 1982 after the State of California acquired the Anderson Marsh.

The girls had a "Maniology" set, so they were making designs on their nails. 

On our way to and from Lakeport, we drove through Nevada City to see filming locations for the Hallmark movie "The Christmas Card". This is the church. In the movie, a guy almost got hit by a speeding car in the front of the church and that provided an opportunity for the main character to get to know the guy's daughter and fall in love with her. 

In the movie, they meet at this cafe and end up ordering the same "chicken club sandwich on rye with curly fries (extra crispy), and hot chocolate with marshmallows".

This is the hotel the main guy stays at when he visits. 

Right after taking the Yuba pass exit from I-80, we stopped at picnic area near the Bear River.