Thursday, October 14, 2021

Savannah turns the BIG 11


We had a family birthday dinner the Friday before Savannah's birthday - Nan, Teresa and Rogan came over to have Thai food and strawberry cake to help us celebrate. 

Savannah got some presents from Grandma Bea and Grandpa Gene

and some lights for her bedroom

(see Snowball?)

she got some new ice skates

and we went to a place called Urban Air with some friends as a birthday activity

Savannah is 11 now!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Reno Air Races


We went to the Reno Air Races today. We saw these planes flying around the valley when we got there. 

and we saw these planes being rolled out onto the runway

and some other planes parked 

There were many different military planes

this one is a huge cargo plane built in 1990 - they flew it in from Hawaii

they were letting people walk through the cargo plane

We got to watch the Thunderbirds do a quick show. They flew over our heads about 5 or 6 times, doing different tricks each time. They were amazing, they flew so perfectly. 

Virginia City


Carson drove us up to Virginia City last weekend, and it happened to be the weekend of the Camel and Ostrich races, so it was pretty crowded. 

Barrels of Candy store. They have super yummy taffy, but out of all the flavors they offer, I really just like the plain vanilla!

Grandma's fudge shop

St. Mary's church

They play peaceful music, so it's nice to sit in the pews for a bit and admire the details.

Then we went on the VT Railroad