Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Grandma and Grandpa visit


Grandpa Gene and Grandma Bea came to visit us for a few days. We went to Callahan park and Andelin Family Farm. 

Callahan Park is really nice cause there's lots of pine trees, a little creek, a playground and trails.

Savanna got to open an early birthday present from her grandparents. 

which means she got to eat some early birthday cake (we haven't had Baskin Robbins in years! It was sooooo good)

The Andelin Family Farm had 'Summer Days' this year, and they had a kitten room, which was perfect for Savannah. 

They have 'U-pick' sweet corn, so the kids went out into the fields with Grandpa Gene to pick out some corn, then we had them for dinner that night. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Homeschool Math - Chain Rule Derivatives and Line Multiplication

With the start of the new school year comes new subjects and variations of the existing. 

Carson has been studying the chain rule for complex derivatives in calculus.   

Tucker is continuing linear systems in algebra, but we took a few minutes to learn the line method of multiplying -- an alternative approach to the typical US style of math.

Savannah tried out the line method as well.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Andelin Family Farm


The Andelin Family Farm is in northern Sparks, so it is about a half an hour drive from our house. We heard that they are having a 'Summer Farm Days' event during August, and that they have a kitten barn, so of course we had to go so Savannah could hold a kitten. 

They also had chicken and goat pens and we could just step inside and hang out with the animals. 

This is the line for the kitten room in the barn. Tucker and Savannah went back and waited in line three times to play with 4 kittens.

Building a fort with cousins

Tucker, Carson, Ray, Leisel, Savannah and Eliza - in their fort.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Tucker's raisin story

Here it is: Hello, I am Harris the grape. I am about to tell you all about my dehydration. It was a hot Summer's day when it all started. Me and my family were at Raymond Beach, and I was lying out in the sun. It was so nice that I didn't notice anything at first, but when we got up to leave, my skin felt tingly and a bit mushy. I dismissed it as a bad sunburn, but it kept getting worse. Finally, we went to the doctor, who told us, "He has started the process of dehydration. He will be a raisin in two weeks." Naturally, my parents were very proud, as raisins have been in the family business for centuries. Over the next few weeks, I could feel my crunchy, grapey texture turn into sweet, sugary mush. By the end of the two weeks I looked like the oldest grape in my neighborhood. That's how I felt, too. Weak and old. Anyway, That's it, folks!

drawing by Andrea Surace

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Pioneer Day at Anita's house

Anita invited Tucker and Savannah to participate in their Pioneer Day celebration yesterday - it included wearing some pioneer clothing, a trek with a handcart, leather crafting, pioneer games all the while learning about some of their ancestors. 

Chad gave some instruction and information about the handcart before the kids started on their trek

they pulled and pushed the cart to the neighbor's house

they got to hold one-day-old baby bunnies

then they kept going on their trek that would end at Anita's house

they went up Wedekind Road

then back to Anita's for some games

and then later they had some lunch. Everyone had a great time learning about what the early pioneers went through as they traveled west.