Friday, April 29, 2016

Fairfax Courthouse

this is the old Fairfax courthouse, near George Mason University, about 10 minutes from our house. This was one of the sites of the first conflicts in the Civil War. 

This monument is in front of the courthouse, for John Quincy Marr, who was the first confederate soldier to be killed by a Union soldier in the battle of the Fairfax Courthouse (800 feet from this spot). This is all right near old downtown Fairfax.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We moved to Fairfax, Virginia

Keith got a new job at an investment firm (in Washington DC called Rock Creek Group), back in March. He moved here about a month ago and the kids and I were going to wait out the school year and then move up here, but we got tired of waiting and packed up last Monday and have been packing up all last week. We drove up here on Thursday and stayed the night in Gastonia, NC, then kept driving on Friday to Fairfax. We are renting this house and our landlord lives right next door. 

Excuse the mess, but we live here :) It's so nice to have wood floors, we got tired of carpet in Marietta.

The hallway just outside our room that goes to Savannah's bedroom and an extra bedroom on the ground floor. 

Upstairs is a loft-type room, then a hallway that leads to two bedrooms and a bathroom. Carson and Tucker share a room up there and it's totally carpeted. 

Our neighbors in Marietta were getting rid of this air hockey table, so they gave it to us. Now it stands in the large, unfinished basement - yay! The kids love it, of course.

Deck out back.

Backyard, very woodsy and green. Nice firepit.

Looking to the right at our landlord's yard, that's where the tree swing is, towards the left in this picture. 

So nice to have granite countertops instead of black tile with black grout.

The landlord (Brian) has a large grassy yard and a tree swing at the back of his yard. He lets us come and go as we please, which is so nice cause the kids LOVE this swing. 

This creek is at a park down the street.

A view of the backyard next door.

The school district here is a month behind the Cobb county district, so we are going in for doctor appointments this week and getting paperwork all filled out to get ready to enroll the kids in the Mantua Elementary School down the street. It's supposed to be a top-rated school, just like Mt. Bethel is. The school bus stops right in front of a house two houses down from us, and they start at 9am, instead of 7:45am. So far, it's very soothing to live here in this house, as it has the tall trees and beautiful neighborhood to ease the adjustments we all have to make. This community seems a lot like East Cobb, so driving around is very similar, as long as I stay close to home. I haven't ventured out of our neighborhood alone yet. We look forward to grandparents visiting this summer and Tucker getting baptized in July. We'll all be seeing the sights in Washington as well.