Sunday, September 30, 2018

Savannah's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Savannah!  We celebrated with great friends and a delicious cake from Safeway.

Savannah also received special 'Birthday Sushi' from the lady that prepares the Sushi at Safeway. Angela and Savannah have gotten to know her since we moved here and so she told Savannah that if she came on her birthday, she would make special 'Birthday Sushi' for her.  She prepared a heart shape made out of rolls with some nigiri in the middle and gave it to her for free.

Carson - DC Library Summary Reading Program Grand Prize Winner

Carson won the Grand Prize for the DC Library Summer Reading program.  Believe it or not, he won these great Beats Headphones.

Savannah's Birthday Dinner

Since she was little, Savannah has liked crab legs.  So she had to have them this year for her birthday dinner.  We made the mistake of mentioning that we were there for her birthday, so the waiters delivered her a treat while singing an obnoxiously loud happy birthday song.

Cub Scout Hike at the Gerry Connolly County Trial

Tucker and Keith went for a hike with the Cub Scouts on the Gerry Connolly County Trail in Fairfax.  Part of the trail runs behind our house, but we went a few miles from our house.  It always amazes me that these beautiful trails are so close to home.

It was a beautiful autumn day, but since it has rained so much recently (or maybe more accurately, all year), the trail was pretty muddy. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Martha's Table Service Project

Keith is the Den Leader for a Cub Scout group at church.  This week, our family helped out with a service project making sandwiches and granola for homeless in the area.  They have a food truck that delivers the food to the Homeless.  Everyone had a good time and was glad to help out.