Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017 Class Pictures

While our homeschool class may be smaller than a typical class, class pictures are just as important.

I love that you can find beautiful settings like these so close to our house.  These pictures were taken in our driveway with a cellphone.  While we were taking the pictures, Carson ran in the house and returned with some pruning scissors and cut some flowers for Angela and Savannah -- smart move.

Class of 2017:

2017 National Math Festival

Living in the DC area, there is no shortage of fun and educational opportunities.  This weekend was the National Math Festival, so the kids and I took the subway into the city.

I've never seen anyone team kids math balloon creations.  A girl asked Savannah what shape balloon she wanted, then asked her math questions that would help build the shape that Savannah has asked for.

They had paper folding, bubble games, robots, mathematic artwork, science exhibits, and a large variety of lectures ranging from art and fractals to space and black holes.  The kids learned that even math can be fun!

The subway station:

Of course, the boys loved the robots.

NASA had an exhibit letting the kids conduct a science experiment measuring the attenuation of a variety of colors of light through different colored water.  Then they would chart the results.

The volunteers would help explain the mathematics involved with the art work.  It was really impressive.

Easter Egg Hunt

We try to separate the secular from religious aspects to holidays, so we did an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter.  Then on Easter, we talked about Christ and focused on the true purpose of the holiday.

Backyard Camping

The weather was beautiful Easter weekend.  So we decided to enjoy it with some backyard camping, complete with 'smores.

Duluth Trading Store

We've ordered some things from Duluth Trading over the last several years, so when we found out that they had a store nearby, we had to go.  They had some fun things for the kids to explore.

Homemade Candy

The kids learned that you can melt hard candies, so they invented their own candy creations.

Knight Family Art Gallery

As I returned from work, I was greeted at the door with tickets to the Knight Family Art Gallery.   The kids prepare an exhibit of the artwork they had been working on for the last few weeks.

As I approached the improvised gallery, Carson, the door man, checked Angela's and my tickets, tore off the stub and admitted us.

The kids have really improved their art during this last year!

National Archives

We finally made it to the national archives.  On our walk from the subway station, through the National Mall towards the archives, we saw a bald eagle flying overhead towards the Capitol.  It's so impressive to see a bald eagle flying in such a regal place.

We saw the eagle closer up, but it was this far away before we got a picture.