Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turning Three -- Happy Birthday Savannah

Savannah is officially three!  We celebrated her birthday this week with cupcakes and presents.  We appreciate the gifts from grandparents and cousins.  She has loved all of them.

Carson planned the birthday party (which helped him achieve a Cub Scout badge).  Carson created a ring-toss game and he made up a puppet show and had Tucker help act it out.  Savannah had a great time.  Angela made some delicious strawberry cupcakes, filled with vanilla pudding and topped with strawberry frosting -- so good.

Carson and Tucker performing the puppet show.

Savannah loves all of her new dresses.  This is the dress from the China Girl in the Great and Powerful Oz.


Don't these cupcakes look amazing.  Like from a magazine.

The after-cupcake stupor.

Another one of Savannah's new outfits.

Playing in the Rain

On thing there hasn't been a shortage of: rain.  For our first couple of months here, it rained everyday.   After the East Cobber Parade, the kids played in the rain.

East Cobber Parade

We live in the heart of East Cobb, so we couldn't miss the East Cobber Parade.  It was a few blocks from our house, starting at the boys' elementary school and ending by my office (which is also very close to where we live).  It started with a light drizzle, but there were periods of pretty decent rain.  They put up the tops on some of the convertibles, but some cars just soaked up all of the rain into their leather seats.  The hand made signs and much of the candy didn't do so well.

Building Bird Houses

The kids and I (yes, even Savannah) built a bird feeder and bird house.  Tucker received a really nice toolset for his birthday, so we used his tools.  It took a few days, but the birds have been eating from the feeder.

Daddy Daughter Day

I took the day off of work about a week ago and spent the day with Savannah.

We had breakfast together, then went to the store and looked at toys and dresses.  She loved the flowers, so we bought some flowers and stopped in the make-up area and bought some fingernail polish with rainbow sparkles and sparkly stars, moons and diamonds.  I did a relatively poor job painting her nails, but she loved them anyways.

She also received a Hello Kitty sticker card in the mail to make the day even more special.

We got some ice cream, a new bird house, a bat house, saw three small snakes in our yard and had a Wint-o-green lifesaver.  Tough to beat a day like that!  Thanks Savannah!

Our Pet Spider

Angela found a good sized spider on one of our bushes.  It quickly became our pet and we checked on it a couple of times a day.  It made a pretty impressive web, then a couple of days later it poured rain for hours.  We never saw the spider again.

Master Pipefitter Kids

We bought some 2" PVC pipes from Home Depot and a lot of connectors.  Then cut it to various lengths and let the kids play.  Here are some things they've come up with.

Date Night at Peter Chang's Tasty China 2

We had heard good things about Peter Chang's Tasty China 2 in Atlanta, so we decided to try it out.  The area was beautiful and part of the restaurant was directly on top of a pond.  It appeared to be very authentic Chinese food, although they had an 'American Chinese' alternate section on their menu.  My food was really good, but way too spicy for me (and I like spicier foods).

It was really nice to leave the kids with a babysitter for a night and get out.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

All Dressed For Church

Savannah is growing up so quickly.  She loves to dress up.  These pictures were taken right before we headed to church.

I got a new edger so we could have nice crisp lines of grass along our driveway and sidewalks.

Everyday we are amazed by the beauty of our neighborhood and our yard.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Exploring the Orchards in Ellijay, GA

We drove up to Ellijay, GA and explored a bit.  We ended up at R&A Orchards.  While there we rode on a trailer behind a tractor through the orchards, picked our own apples, and had some goodies.  The area was beautiful and it was nice to get away from the city.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Knights at Medieval Times

When we found at that there was a Medieval Times here, we decided that we needed to go.  It didn't hurt that in a few weeks Savannah will require her own ticket and tickets were on sale for the weekend.

The green knight rode for us and won the tournament!  The kids loved that their knight won for us.

It was so fun; the kids loved it.

Our Pet Bird

A young bird flew into our house.  So we caught it and after watching it for a little while, we released it outside.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Uncle Phil's Game: Disney Infinity

My brother, Phil, worked on a new XBox game: Disney Infinity.  So we bought it and the kids have had a lot of fun; so much so that the neighborhood kids have come over to play with Tucker and Carson.  Pretty neat when you're kids can play a video game that their uncle helped make.

Disney Infinity Website


Carson's friend was going to the Brave's game with his Grandma, so he invited Carson and another friend.  Carson had a lot of fun and the Brave's won!

Savannah's New Dress At Church

Angela found this great dress for Savannah for $5 (on clearance).  So Savannah wore it to church.  She wouldn't smile for the pictures, but loved the dress and the flower.

Bass Pro Shop, Atlanta (Lawrenceville), GA

Since I found out about it, I have been wanting to go to Bass Pro Shop here in Atlanta.  So this weekend, we finally made it.  It was almost exactly the same thing as Cabelas, with a little more focus on boating and fishing.

Notice how each child is walking in a different direction?  Not sure how that happened, but funny nonetheless.

I think Tucker looks so handsome in this picture.

Carson was our tour guide.

The kids loved the fresh water aquarium.

Savannah takes driving seriously.  She refused to smile or even look at me.  The kids loved the boats.

It's tough not to want a boat after being at the lake last weekend and seeing these nice boats.  But we left without spending a cent.

Princess Savannah on a Trampoline

We had a great time visiting with some friends who invited us to their home for dinner.  They had dress-up dresses that Savannah played with and a trampoline.  Over time, the two activities combined.