Saturday, November 10, 2012

Battle-born Days, Carson City

Inside the huge helicopter.

Savannah, going overboard!

Above, we got to ride in this people mover.

Here I am, inside, in the back seat of the front section.

The one with authentic battle damage!

Veteran's memorial wall.

We signed Christmas cards for the troops.

Thomas Creek

Spikey hair


I'm not the best picture-taker, so this is what you get from our trick-or-treat night! Carson was a miner/prospector, Tucker was an astronaut, and Savannah was a monkey. We went out with Haven, who was a horse. You can see in the couch picture that they are all wiped out!

Pumpkin Patch

Ferrari pumpkin patch last month - next time we'll try the Andelin farms.

Paint by numbers

Carson has been doing paint by numbers, and finished this eagle painting.