Sunday, December 19, 2021

Carson's pictures from Visalia






(one that is from Nevada)


ruby throated hummingbird

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Reno Ice Christmas Show


Savannah has been taking ice skating lessons since August. She has been gradually advancing in skill level, learning how to stop and do spins. They announced they would be doing a Christmas Show a couple of months ago, so Savannah signed up and started going to rehearsals 3 times a week. 

This is Savannah with her instructor, Jorie, the night of Christmas Show. Jorie has been giving Savannah private lessons for a few weeks now. 

just before the show last night

Savannah has the white hat on the right, this is when her group came out to do their number. 

Their group did a choreographed routine with some jazzy piano music from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. (not the main theme, but the music playing while Snoopy is ice skating)

They had some hockey players skating around them as they skated in a circle. 

Then they went off on their own to skate around and do tricks.

Here she is skating on one skate. 

this is the finale, where all the groups came out to wave and say goodnight

This was a really fun experience for her, she loved every minute of it. It's great to have a skating rink just down the street from us, and there is a lot of support in the community, whether it is hockey players or ice skaters.