Sunday, June 30, 2024

Battle Bots


Some Silver Circuits guys got together at Rogan's house yesterday for a
Battle Bots match.

They each made a robot for battle.

Rogan put together a field for the matches.

Tucker's did well, but got damaged - that's ok!

It's more fun that way.

lots of repairing between matches

The end result - it was a success and super fun.

Model of the Old Testament Tabernacle


A group that travels with a life-size model of the Old Testament Tabernacle 
came to Reno last week.
There was a youth conference for a couple of days and then 
tours were given on the third day. 

The youth who attended the conference were the tour guides.

we're standing next to the altar where they would make burnt offerings.
Tucker was a tour guide that morning.

inside the tabernacle near the Holy of Holies and the veil.

Inside the Holy of Holies, looking at the ark of the covenant, where the ten 
commandments were stored.

It was pretty hot inside! The tour guides were great, it was cool to be inside a 
life-size model and learn about the ordinances and symbols.