Tuesday, April 23, 2024

FIRST Robotics World Competition in Houston, Texas


We traveled with the team to Houston on Monday the week of Worlds. 

The team posed with another team from Mexico in the pit.

The team in their pit - it's a place to display all aspects of the team and its accomplishments 
so the judges can observe, and also for hanging out between matches and working on the robot.

Tucker and Hunter

Adam, Kayline and Aidan working on the robot

A view during a match

big screens show the final scores after completed matches

The team performing surgery after a problem arose during a match

On the finals day, it was super cool to see a huge Youtuber like Mark Rober 
- he came to say some inspiring things and shoot some t shirts at the audience.

A printed fabric display in the pit.

We all met up at Rudy's BBQ restaurant on the last night

Carson, Elise and Dallin

Keith, Mark and Teresa - Mark drove down from Austin to watch the matches with us. 

Carson, Rogan and Dallin 

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