Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home Depot Safety Day

You just feel bad when small shops try hard, but fail. Carson and I went to the Woodcraft Tool Show; we found more employees than customers at the unfortunate 'Tool Show'. They spent a lot of time preparing demos and they even had homemade food, but there were very few people to appreciate it. It made me want to buy something, to at least make them feel a little better, but I couldn't find a thing that we needed or even wanted.

On our way home, we saw that Home Depot was having 'Safety Day'. We pulled over to find Carson's dream party: a huge firetruck, a police car, an amulance, Home Depot Kids Workshop projects, good music, and some free gadgets and snacks.

Firefighters are always so nice -- they are one of the few non-religious organiziations that we donate to. Justin, the firefighter, introduced himself to Carson and helped him into the firetruck. Carson actually got to go inside!

Carson was able to go inside of an amulance too. How many kids can say that they've done that? I never had until then (yes, I know, I'm not a kid anymore).

The police car was open for kids to sit in and even push the siren and light buttons -- how fun!

Surrounded by many of our local heros, Home Depot had a Kid's Workshop where Carson built a really cool firetruck.

We both had a blast!

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  1. I can't believe we missed this. I will be emailing you stat to find out about halloween activities.