Saturday, May 2, 2009

Emergency Water Storage

For a long time, we've wanted to have a decent water supply in case of an emergency. We just never did it. So when Bishop Mueller encouraged the Ward to focus on preparedness this year, we we're excited for the extra motivation.

This month, the focus is water storage -- with the goal for everyone to have one weeks worth of water for their family.

We purchased heavy-duty food-grade mylar storage bags and storage boxes from This was the 100 gallon boxed water set ( We liked this kit since it stores easily, provides safe long term storage (we hope), and can be drained and collapsed down if we ever move.

We filled the bags with purified water from a Pur three stage water filter on the bathtub faucet. We then measured and added a little bit of household bleach to help keep the water safe.

Due to some shipping and QA errors at the Emergency Essentials company, we ended with 24 5-gallon storage bags / boxes. Carson was a huge help in filling them.

That shelving unit is storing 147 gallons of water (1200 lbs!)-- enough to last our family for a little over a month.
It is nice to know we are at least a little better prepared.


  1. Kudos. You just never know. You inspire me to go and buy some more water tomorrow!

  2. I found a neat water filter for only $29.99. It should be a great addition to my years supply. Sharon