Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flying Black Olives

I. Love. Bumblebees. They kind of scare me, but I am fascinated by them. I just think they're so cool to look at and they're so big and fuzzy. I think the bee in this video is a carpenter bee. Yes, that's Tucker screaming in the background - he's scared of them too. No, just kidding, if I had the door open, he'll just crawl into the street, so I had to shut the door while I shot this video. Does anyone else think bumblebees are this cool?


  1. I think they're pretty cool...they had a LOT of those up at Bear Lake this year. Ella was all excited when she and I were outside on a walk and she saw some. She'd say "Oh THERE's the bumble bee! See'em? See'em? Ellas GIT'em!" Then she'd grab at them like they were totally harmless. I had to explain over and over that she could look at them but not touch them.

  2. I totally forgot about "black olives". Ha ha.