Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tucker is 2!

Well, for today, I thought Tucker really deserved something special for his birthday, so I took him to the doctor and they gave him a shot……

No, really. That is what happened.
The boys had their yearly checkups today and it just so happened that Tucker needed one shot, so he got one. Poor guy! Oh well, we basically celebrated his birthday on Sunday.....


Here is a book Grandma Bea and Grandpa Gene gave him - he really likes the books with sounds.

He just sat by himself in the doorway and was looking through the book, listening to the music.

So I guess he had a good time! Happy Birthday, Tucker!


  1. Is today his birthday? We were just talking about when his bday was because miles was close

  2. Wow, I didn't realize he was already 2 years old! Happy birthday to him! He face has definitely lost its baby look. What a cute boy!