Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Friend Christina

Christina had her 6th birthday party today. Here are the kids playing pin the tail on the horse.
What a treat! There were real (nice) horses for the kids to ride!
I guess this is an exercise to help the kids feel more comfortable on the horse, even without holding on.
Carson was so excited after his rides, he really loved the experience. The horses were beautiful and totally calm around all the kids.

There was a pinata......

and later the kids got to go on more rides - even bareback!

Yes, Tucker was there too, he just did this the whole time.

Tucker is years younger than all the kids there, so I guess he was interested in other things.

He did have a good time though, playing with all the toys and eating lots of good food. Thanks for a good time, Christina, we really enjoyed the party and we're glad you're our friend!

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