Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Here's Carson with Sydney and Owen on Friday night, just before they went to the church Halloween party.

And this is Carson and Tucker with Keith just before going trick-or-treating. Tucker has this way-cool astronaut costume.....

and Carson has a way-cool knight costume.

But this was just minutes later......

and Tucker decided he didn't want the costume on anymore.

so he screamed.......

and cried......

and rolled around, screaming and crying.

Here is Carson trying to comfort him.....

....but Tucker went out without his costume. We'll see what happens next year, he may not go trick-or-treating! Carson was excited, though.

Some leaf bug we had in our entryway last night.

Looks like a grasshopper. I don't see how a bug like this is hanging out in dry Nevada.


  1. Love the astronaut costume!! So cool! The kids are fantastic as ever. Hope they got lots of candy!

  2. Love the costumes - such a cool idea for Carson to be a knight! That astronaut one is way cool, too. So sad he didn't want to wear it. Where did you get the costumes? The don't look like the typical cheap ones you find at the supermarket or whatever. That bug is weird and Savannah is more adorable in each picture I see!

  3. p.s. it is so sweet what a good brother Carson is, trying to comfort his little bro!