Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not so good times

We decided to go out to dinner tonight, so we head over to a place called Austin's, in Reno. We get there and it's now 'Jack's Cafe'.
So we go from there to Bajio - there are signs in the windows that say, 'Bajio is closed for good'. Gandolfo's next door is closed also, so we decide to try going to Chevy's.
We get to Chevy's and see the 'Available' signs in the windows - it's closed too! There's a Quizno's next door that is closed also!
But every other restaurant we don't want to go open, of course. Pita Pit, still open. Boston Market, still open. Applebee's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, still open.
We finally went to a sandwich place called Capriotti's - it was good. We were just super hungry at that point and wanted something quick.

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  1. Have you tried Naan and Kabob yet? It's right across from the Peppermill.... highly recommend, especially the yummy safron?? ice cream for desert.