Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exploring Hidden Caves, Fallon, NV

We went to Fallon, NV, yesterday. We went to a place called 'Hidden Caves', where there are 3 hidden caves in the hills. They are in this area that used to be a huge lake, hundreds of years ago. They have a trail that goes to each of the caves.

Near 'Burnt Cave'. Looking at the rock formations, as there is a lot of calcification here too, like at Pyramind Lake.

These layers of rock are thin and held together by the calcium deposits that look like cement between the layers.

Burnt Cave.

I had to get out of the car in downtown Fallon, NV to look at the plaque in front of the historic Overland Hotel. It was built in 1907.

Picnic cave. This 'tufa' stuff is the same stuff we saw at pyramid lake, because this area here was once underwater.

Dry lakebed, used to be covered with water.

Another hidden cave, very small.

Can you find Carson and Tucker?

Mishmash rock all crammed together with calcium between.

This was a narrow crevice with a thick white line back there.

The white line was more calcium between the cracks. Our theory is that back when this area was covered with water, all the minerals floating in the water came together and when the water dried up, the minerals became a paste and went all between the cracks and hardened as it all dried out.

Savannah is sad cause we won't let her jump off this cliff!


  1. Hi there, you don't know me but I linked over to your blog via Holly Stephenson. I was just wondering if you could tell me how to get to Hidden Caves. And how did you know what each of the caves were called? Looks like somewhere I'd like to go with my family. And did you see any snakes?????

  2. More information is at:

    You drive past Fallon on highway 50 for about 12 miles. There are signs labeled Grimes Point (which has some nice petroglyphs). If you follow the dirt road past grimes point about a mile, there is a small parking area and sign describing the area. There are short hikes to each of the small caves.

    Have fun!

    Keith & Angela

  3. Unfortunately, we didn't see any snakes on our trip, but I'm sure there are plenty around there.

  4. Thanks. It is now on my "bucket list". :). I can't believe I've lived an hour away from there for almost 10 years and have never heard of it. Here's hoping for a snake free visit! Thanks for the info! I wonder if there is any geocaching or letter boxing nearby.