Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tornado Warnings!?!

Within days of arriving in Marietta, we had a tornado warning. Who knew that my phone could receive Tornado warnings?  My phone had a pretty annoying alarm with a tornado warning message, then several minutes later, the city sirens began to wail.  The sky actually was pretty calm.

Quickly, it went from fairly calm to powerful winds and rain.  The rain was so thick that you could only see about 10 feet ahead of you.  Branches were flying through the air and lots of trees and power lines fell on houses and the roads.  One of the main access roads to our house was blocked off by a tree and two neighbors had trees land on their houses.

The power was knocked out quickly, so I got out our 72 hour kits with great flashlights, radios, etc...  Nice to have.  One of the radios didn't have good batteries in it, but had a crank that gave it power to hear what was going on.

Overall, we survived and quickly realized we're no longer in Nevada.  We were still staying in our hotel that night; it was really strange to stay in a large hotel with no power (and no AC).

Immediately after the storm, the weather was beautiful.  Calm, cool, with a gorgeous sunset.

The view from our house window during the storm:


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