Monday, September 21, 2015

Warm Springs, GA

We saw a movie called 'Warm Springs' on Prime a few months ago and it made us want to visit Warm Springs, GA, since it is about an hour and a half drive from Atlanta. It is a cute little town with a lot of history. The movie is highly recommended. This first picture is inside the Little White Cottage, in the guestroom. It was too dark inside to see anyone I guess.

Just love the old-style bedding.

The room where FDR was sitting, posing for the portrait. He was thought to have been sitting in the black chair behind that table. 

You can't see too well, but Carson is standing next to one of FDR's wheelchairs. It was custom made to look like a normal dining room chair, instead of a cumbersome wheelchair. 

Savannah sitting next to a little statue of Fala, FDR's dog

A storage closet with all the original towels and linens

the Butler's pantry

This is looking from the front of the house out, and this is the servant's house

Next to that is the Guest House

Plaque in front of the house

Marine Corps station. There were lots of little stations like these for security guys to stand watch

The unfinished portrait that he was posing for when he collapsed and then died later of a cerebral hemorrhage 

One of his wheelchairs

What the portrait would have looked like

In the gift shop, haha

This is a few minutes away from the Little White House; these therapy pools were restored in 2003. They were used for filming the movie 'Warm Springs'

They were restored once for the movie, with the real spring water and everything, but once the movie wrapped, they drained the pools and now it is a museum. 

The warm spring water is still used in other therapy facilities just down the road.

A little water table where you can feel the temperature of the spring water as it flows

Therapy chairs and tables patients used while swimming in the 88 degree water

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