Saturday, November 28, 2015

Last-Minute Visit to Nashville

we went straight to the Parthenon replica, it was built in the late 1800s for a World's Fair type thing and then was renovated in the 20s

inside, they built this huge 40-foot statue of Athena, in 2002

the Frist art museum. We did not go inside, as this was Thanksgiving Day, and the whole town was like a ghost town, very few people walking around like us, and everything was closed. 

downtown Nashville, we could park anywhere we wanted, no traffic

the famous Ryman auditorium, where the 'Grand Ole Opry' originated

this was one place I would've liked to have toured, but we just walked around the outside

Savannah's Candy Kitchen

a lot of southern cities we have visited (Savannah, Augusta, Chattanooga) have rivers running by them, and these slanty parks and large concrete steps to sit on

at the Nashville Capitol building, closed, so we walked around the outside

in our hotel

at the Stones River Battlefield

there was a museum open (this was Friday), and the boys found some Knights that had fought in the war. It was a very nice museum, with lots of interactive exhibits

Hazen Brigade Monument - the oldest Civil War monument because it was built by Civil War soldiers during the war. 

we waited in line a long time

and now i am ready to see some cave stuff

it was amazing to walk into this super tall-ceilinged room of stone

you look up and see this 

finally, we get to see the Ruby Falls, which was very impressive

the beautiful falls

the end of the tour, up on top of a viewing tower, overlooking Chattanooga

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