Saturday, February 4, 2017

Historical Fairfax Courthouse Mock Trial

At the center of Fairfax, VA is a historic courthouse, built in 1799.  The first confederate soldier death during the Civil War took place there.  We have gone several times, but had never been able to go inside.

This weekend Fairfax hosted the 'Chocolate Lover's Festival', featuring 28 events throughout the historic downtown area of Fairfax.  One of the events was a mock trial at the courthouse.

So we attended the 'Chocolate Caper Mock Trial'.  The had an actual judge and lawyers acting out the children appropriate 'Miss Muffet vs the Spider' case.

The children were the jury; the case ended with a hung-jury.

The kids were the jury.

The jury deliberating:

They also had historic documents on display.

George Washington's Will

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