Saturday, September 23, 2017

Smithsonian Postal Museum

 We went to the Smithsonian Postal Museum last week. It was in a building that used to be solely a post office, but recently they turned part of it into a museum. 

Old postal train car

Mail transportation.

Owney was the USPS mascot in the early 1900s, and he would collect tags everywhere he went. They stuffed him after he died. 

cool diorama

A package sorting game.

I think this picture is so cool, and I wish that quote were true. Bringing all the conveniences of city life to the country hasn't kept people from wanting to live closer to or inside cities. 

Really fun getting to see what it's like to use those scanners

You had to line up the green light with the lines to scan correctly and it wasn't easy.

Stamp table; the museum put out a bunch of used stamps and let you pick out 6 to take home. 

Computer program to design your own stamp, this is Carson's. 



Room full of stamp archives

Old post boxes

These are some really old methods of stamping correspondence. 

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