Monday, December 25, 2017

Mount Saint Helens - Volcano in Washington

When Keith was young, he and his family went to Mt St Helens, not too many years after it has erupted.  So on our way to visit Angela's sister, we wanted to see it.

We stopped at the visits center near the base of the National Park.  They had an excellent video about the volcano and some nice displays.  Sadly, the informed us that there was little to no visibility of the volcano from the upper visitors center. 

We pressed forward anyway, hoping to see something.  As we neared the volcano, it started lightly snowing, then more and more heavily.  By the time we approached, we started to doubt it was a good idea - the snow was really coming down and we were just in a two wheel drive rental mini-van.

There were still remains of trees that had been knocked down during the eruption, but many trees has regrown.

But we arrived and had a blast playing in the snow.

The kids discovered that they could throw a snowball down the hill and it would grow in size as it rolled down.

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