Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Meteor Crater, AZ -- Worlds Best Preserved Meteorite Crater

Savannah had a dream about a Meteorite Crater, which started me searching for any nearby.  One really stood out: Meteor Crater, AZ.

About 30 min East of Flagstaff, AZ, near Historic Route 66, is Meteor Crater.  It is the first confirmed meteorite crater in the world and is claimed to be the worlds best preserved meteorite crater.  The lack of rain, and weather in general, has kept it in good shape.

It is about 3/4 of a mile wide and 550' deep.  It is believed that it was about 700' deep when it was formed, but erosion has slowly been filling it in.

When the 150' meteorite struck the ground, it had an explosion equivalent to 2.5 million tons of TNT.

They had excellent exhibits, a short video explaining the history and research that has been done, and a great tour.

This is a large piece of the original meteorite that was found.

This exhibit Savannah is using shows the blast radius and allows you to move it over other areas.  It was as large as Phoenix.

You can see some of the edge that was lifted up by the explosion.  The ground is flat all around this.

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