Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Grandma and Grandpa visit


Grandpa Gene and Grandma Bea came to visit us for a few days. We went to Callahan park and Andelin Family Farm. 

Callahan Park is really nice cause there's lots of pine trees, a little creek, a playground and trails.

Savanna got to open an early birthday present from her grandparents. 

which means she got to eat some early birthday cake (we haven't had Baskin Robbins in years! It was sooooo good)

The Andelin Family Farm had 'Summer Days' this year, and they had a kitten room, which was perfect for Savannah. 

They have 'U-pick' sweet corn, so the kids went out into the fields with Grandpa Gene to pick out some corn, then we had them for dinner that night. 

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  1. Hi, This is Henry He, I kind of stumbled upon this blog, and was wondering if Carson still remembers me, back in Elementary. It's been a good while, and we've lost touch, and I was curious if we could get back into contact again. Maybe catch up?
    Anyways, it seems like you guys are doing pretty well! I apologize if this is a bit out of nowhere. If you'd like contact me by email: "[email protected]"