Thursday, August 11, 2022

Main Street, Visalia


Standing near El Tarasco, looking at a building project

Looking from Main Street at the Darling Hotel

One of the old drug stores on the corner across from Starbucks

An old sign was removed near Link's Menswear, can't really read what it used to say. Maybe the bottom words were 'Advertising Design'

An old furniture store near the Visalia Theater, can't really tell what the name used to be, started with a 'C'

The old Bothof's bakery

The old furniture store front - there is a restaurant in the lower part now. 

you can see that there is a section boarded up next to the old Pacific Treasures, which is also out of business

looking at the same boarded-up section, from the other side near Little Italy

Alejandra's restaurant is boarded up, near what used to be the Renaissance Beauty Salon....:)

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