Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Has a Name

The long awaited name has been decided; Tucker Zander Knight has joined our family.

Carson was so excited to learn Baby Brother's name. I told it to him while eating dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Knight's house, then asked him what Baby's name is. He knew 'Tucker'. Then I asked for Baby's full name, and amazingly, he remembered and pronounced very clearly, 'Tucker Zander Knight.' I was really impressed. Carson is so intelligent.

On the drive home, Carson and I were talking about Tucker, I told Carson, "I love you very much. You are a very special boy." He replied, "You are special too Dad. I love you," -- so surprising and heartwarming. We are so blessed to be his parents.

Later on, Carson and I were talking about the baby's name. I told him that he could call the baby 'Tuck' instead of 'Tucker.' Carson was excited and re-iterated: "Baby's name is Tuck and Tucker -- both. I like Tuck."

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  1. I am really happy to hear the names you chose! Angela gave me a list of the ones you were considering and those are the ones I would have picked too. Keep the pictures and little stories coming, I can't wait to see you all soon!