Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Proud Papa

Although I had to work today, I loved the opportunity to spend a few hours in the hospital with Baby and Angela.

The hospital room is quite large and surprisingly, Angela is loving the food. The nurses have been incredible; maybe even too good -- every few minutes they are stopping by for one reason or another. It doesn't hurt that the nurses know and like Baby's grandpa, Doctor Knight, who works in the Nursery. They all have their stories about how great he is.

Angela has loved the visits from everyone. Grandpa Knight stopped by. Her doctor, Dr. Mellum. Baby's doctor: Dr. Mathew. Then Grandma Knight, Aunt Anita, Danielle and Erin visited. While I was visiting, Sofia Lykes was so kind to stop by with flowers and some of Angela's favorite snacks. Angela was even expecting more visitors after I had left.

Baby is so calm and aware. He really looks into your eyes and explores your face. But he definitely loves Mom. I was holding him close and staring at his face when Mom started to talk. Instantly, his head turned towards her. Even when I tried to regain his attention, his eyes were fixated on his mom. How quickly those bonds are formed...

He definitely has the Aksland dimple in his chin and the Aksland nose. In general, I think that he looks a lot like his Grandpa Aksland and mom. Angela sees that resemblance but also notices the similarities between Baby and Carson.

His eyes are entrancing; luckily, he gives us so many opportunities to see them -- he keeps them wide open as he observes his new environment. They have this dark grey / blue hue that draws us in. While we know that they will change over time, it shocks us that his eyes are so different from ours and Carson's.

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