Saturday, August 16, 2008


Carson and I explored our Cabela's store today. A complete stranger gaves us several dollars worth of tokens for the shooting gallery. Carson was a pretty good shot.

"Orca!" Carson exclaimed as we were walking through part of the store. He was so excited and I was completely lost. Finally, he pointed to the large killer whale above us. I hadn't even seen it and didn't know that a killer whale was actually called an orca. I assumed he was wrong until I looked it up on the internet. How do our kids learn so much?!?

When we saw the African display, including an elephant, lion, eland, leopard and many other amazing animals, our budding photographer begged for the camera with his cute puppy dog face.

How can you say no to that face? He actually takes some pretty good pictures. His pictures allow you to better understand the world through a three year old's eyes -- a world that includes orcas that adults are too rushed to notice and too busy to learn about.

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