Friday, August 29, 2008

Staycation Rules

The dilemma: a four day weekend. What to do? We've got a baby boy that isn't fond of driving, so visiting Angela's family in Visalia could be torture for all of us. But I have been dying to get out of town for months. Our decision: a staycation.

Our Staycation Rules:
1. We are on vacation -- all activities should be vacation-like activities. All routine activities should be avoided
2. We aren't answering phone calls (we may respond to messages left)
3. Each day is planned with things that we don't typically do
4. We are spending money like we would on a vacation -- eating out, snacks, admissions, etc...
5. No house projects, minimal chores, no paying bills

We've never done a Staycation, so we'll see how well it works out. Ideally, it will be just as fun as a vacation, with a little less stress and less expense.

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