Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nevada DMV Policy on Cloning Cars

As I handed the lady at the DMV my application for a replica car registration, she look confused and asked: "So-ooo... You want to replicate your car?" It was tough not to laugh. No, I am not trying to clone my car; no stems cells have been harmed in the process. Apparently, brilliance isn't required to work at the DMV.

Registering and insuring our Shelby Cobra has turned out to be a little challenging.

Insurance is completely different for collector cars. After several confusing phone calls, I read up about collector car insurance on-line. Then, with a little more confidence and understanding, I was able to setup a policy.

Registration proved to be even tougher than the insurance. I found on the DMV website that a vehicle can be registered as a replica, and as such, is smog-exempt. Apparently, no one at the DMV knew about the Replica car registration. I asked the vehicle inspection station about it. They pulled out a manual and read for a while before signing the paper work. Apparently, I was number 70 out of the 100 cars in the entire state that can be registered as a replica.

The experience took about two hours, but finally was resolved successfully.

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