Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Bicycle Built for Two

With the sickness of the winter behind us (hopefully), we finally got out as a family and went to the Sparks Marina. We dusted off our bikes, (except for Carson, since his is brand new) and headed for what's now called "Celebration Lake". We like "Sparks Marina" better! The weather was nice, a little cool, but perfect for riding bikes. Carson did so well on the steep hills. There were lots of people out walking and rollerskating and riding bikes as well. We didn't hear a peep from Tucker the whole time - he seemed to be taking it all in and enjoying the scenery.


  1. You guys are AWESOME for getting out and going for a bike ride together. Too bad your house is at the top of a hill and you can't just ride around the neighborhood all that simply. It's cool you have a pretty place to go ride around. It must be a really nice feeling for Tucker to just sit back and cruise with you guys. I agree about Celebration Lake. They should have just left the name as it was.

  2. I still prefer yet another name choice "Helm's Pitt". What a picture perfect family!