Monday, March 22, 2010

Chutes and Ladders

We bought a lot of outdoor play equipment in the last month or so, and Keith has put in lot of time putting it all together and it's almost done. We have an airplane/teeter-totter, a big swinset, and a playhouse that'll eventually be in the backyard (it's in our living room until we have warmer weather).

Tucker was happy seconds before this picture was taken.

This is part of the swingset, as of right now, most of it is put together. It has a large slide and a climbing wall. It's definitely above Tucker's level of ability for the most part. But it's so nice to have something for the boys to play around on outside!


  1. Forget the park, we're coming to your house to play.

  2. LOVE having outdoor toys! The boys are going to eat it up and it will be nice for you to not always have to pack them up to go and play somewhere.