Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Helper

I was getting the trash bag out of the trash can in our kitchen, to take it out to the garage, when Tucker stops what he's playing with and comes over to me as fast as he can. He watches me tie up the bag as if he's waiting for something. So when the knot is tied, I motion to him that he can have the bag. He goes to pick it up, but of course, it's too heavy for him, so he looks at me and I grab the knot and he grabs the ties and we both walk to the garage. He always wants to help throw out the trash! It's pretty cool. Whenever I finish changing a stinky diaper, I put those in little plastic bags and once Tucker hears the crunch of the plastic, he comes running and takes the bag to the door. Right now, I'm trying to get Carson to pick up his toys......not happening. Carson is a good helper though - in other areas.

1 comment:

  1. That's so cool! It's gonna come in handy when Baby
    # 3 arrives, too.

    With Carson, have you tried the "Clean Up" song? My sister and brother's kids automatically start picking up their things as soon as you start singing it and then they start singing it too. It's really cute - and convenient.